About Me:
I've always been drawn to the great outdoors. On camping trips as a kid, I was always there with my camera capturing the places I've been and what I have seen. I enjoyed looking back at those photos and remembering those moments. After working my way through college studying Information Technology, I ended up in the field as an IT Administrator. Whenever I needed a vacation from the technicalities of the computer world, I chose the great outdoors as my destination. Nature relaxes me. It slows down my life and simplifies things. Still being a techie though, I wanted high-tech gear to carry along, so I bought a DSLR camera. After realizing the camera alone cannot take great pictures, I used photography to exercise my right brain which had been heavily weighted to the left for so many years. Since then, I have found a passion in exploring my creative side, which I never knew existed, and combined it with one of my all-time favorite places-- Nature. Since leaving the IT field to become a stay at home Dad to my 3 beautiful daughters, I've begun to take photography a little more seriously. My current focus is landscapes in southern Michigan with the occasional venture further out. I spend most of my time waking up hours before sunrise, hiking trails, visiting parks and exploring natural landscapes in search of hidden gems. I love creating dynamic images from simple scenes found in the area and using these simple scenes to further discover and explore my creative visions using the camera as my tool.

About Photography:
I strive to create dynamic images mostly by utilizing lighting and composition. My objective is to draw people's focus into my images. I do this by strategically placing objects in the frame to lead your eyes around the image and stay for a while. I go to places to take pictures at specific times of the day when the lighting is optimal for the shot. I wait hours for the right lighting sometimes and have even come back to a location several times before capturing the light just right so the scene is shown according to the vision I create in my head. I don't just take photos, I create scenes and try to bring you into them as if you are there.